Our Story


House of HR is a relatively young player in the HR-industry, yet with maturity and experience. Its inception goes back to 1995 when Conny Vandendriessche and Philip Cracco founded Accent Interim in Roeselare, Belgium.  

From the early days, Accent Jobs has secured an unparalleled staffing market in Belgium, thanks to an original business concept of ‘temp to perm’, combining the quality of an executive search firm with the flexibility of temporary contracts. This strategy later would turn out to become the cornerstone of the future success of both Accent and the holding House of HR. 


In 2006, Belgian investment company GIMV takes a minority stake, which they sold again in 2012.  

In 2012 House of HR was established. It is the start of a fast and dynamic growth story: 



  • Establishment of House of HR with Naxicap entering the group as a majority shareholder with 30% 

  • Accent Jobs, now part of House of HR, already counts 227 offices in Belgium and the Netherlands, with some 700 employees. 


  • Philip Cracco leaves the company. Conny Vandendriessche today holds a minority stake in House of HR, and continues her role as a member of the Board of Directors. 


  • Acquisition of Covebo in The Netherlands 

  • Acquisition of Abylsen in France 

  • Acquisition of Continu in The Netherlands 


  • Acquisition of Gritt in Belgium 

  • Acquisition of Zaquensis in Germany 

  • Acquisition of TIMEPARTNER (TP) in Germany 


  • Acquisition of Vialegis in Belgium 

  • Acquisition of Redmore in The Netherlands 

  • Establishment of NowJobs in Belgium under the wings of Accent Jobs 

2018 - 2020:  

  • Several Boutiques are acquired by different PowerHouses in the course of these 3 years: Belgatech, MT&V, Schollmeyer & Steidl, Vnom, ITDS, PI, Pharmacos, Mykelson, Eurojob, ETA, Techmatch and more.  


  • Establishment of House of HR Germany in response to the merger between TIMEPARTNER & Zaquensis 

  • Acquisition of three new Boutiques Greenworking, Solyne and avanti for PowerHouses Abylsen, Continu Professionals and TIMEPARTNER. 

  • Acquisition by House of HR of a new PowerHouse Cohedron in The Netherlands. 

  • Cohedron acquires Vanberkel Professionals and Bureau Brug


  • Acquisition of a German IT service provider SOLCOM, a new IT PowerHouse.

  • Acquisition of one of the largest Dutch healthcare providers TMI.