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House of HR is leading European HR service provider focused on Specialized Talent Solutions and Engineering & Consulting, capitalizing on our network of strong local PowerHouses and boutiques across Europe.

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Our PowerHouses and Boutiques

As a European Talent PowerHouse offering HR solutions and maintaining a high growth pace, House of HR has never lost focus. Together, the universe of operating companies (PowerHouses) and their respective brands (Boutiques) form a clear offering to our clients, transparently clustered in two segments.

This universe consists of companies active in: Specialized Talent Solutions and Engineering & Consulting, both with a strong focus on digital recruitment offerings. Our Group is active throughout Europe, with major strongholds in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France.

Thanks to our decentralized structure, all our PowerHouses and Boutiques are capable of acting fast on the level of specialty, brand and country. All of them work independently and retain their entrepreneurial youthfulness, authenticity and audacity, since it is these essential qualities that keep their sight focused on recognizing and nurturing talent and positively impacting communities.

All together, we are House of HR: Europe’s most exciting PowerHouse.

Specialized talent solutions

Specialized Talent Solutions

Within our ‘Specialised Talent Solutions’ we provide temporary blue and white collar employment with an emphasis on ‘temp to perm’, international recruitment and permanent placements for clients in need of people with specific profiles.

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Engineering & Consulting

Companies involved in ‘Engineering & Consulting’ recruit medium to highly skilled candidates such as engineers, lawyers, technicians and other business consultants. These candidates work on projects for clients in a wide range of market segments such as banking, insurance, public sector, telecom and various industries such as energy, transport and construction.

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Digital solutions

House of HR is active in two segments: Specialized Talent Solutions and Engineering & Consulting. Our innovative and strong offering and interest in digital solutions further supports our growth and success in both segments.

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We zig where others zag

Being active in both Specialized Talent Solutions and Engineering & Consulting, explains a big part of House of HR’s profitability profile. Both segments support, challenge but also balance each other. 

Our decentralized model allows for very fast decision making at the level of each PowerHouse, Boutique and even branch.
Specialization on specific segments and diversification in different industries have made us a specialist in certain areas with niche knowledge and experience which adds to our resilience.

We always invest in countries which have a stable economy, good salary levels, low unemployment rates and good temporary employment regimes.
And finally we are leading in digital HR innovations: we believe the future is ‘phygital’.

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House of HR consists out of nine PowerHouses that together represent + 40 Boutiques, operating mainly in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany.

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