October 29, 2019

Covebo group is to take over hoofddorp-based eurojob


Temporary employment group Covebo of Nijkerk now welcomes Hoofddorp-based Eurojob to its group.  With this acquisition, Covebo strengthens its leading position as an agency for migrant workers. 

Eurojob specialises in placing migrant workers from the EU in temporary jobs, and employs around 1400 temporary workers every day. Covebo Group has around 8000 temporary workers a day working in the production, logistics, construction and technology sectors. One third of these temporary workers are in the Netherlands, the others are recruited in other EU countries.

Henk Buitink, CEO van Covebo Group: “We are proud to be able to number close to 50 employees among our colleagues with and for our new expertise. Eurojob will also increase Covebo Group’s position in the key accounts market, largely with in-house service provision. That will make our group even stronger”. For Eurojob, joining Covebo Group will place it in a position to deploy its expertise on a larger scale, faster and better. Eurojob will retain its own face and identity, with the companies offering each other substantial mutual reinforcement in digitalisation, recruitment and accommodation. Eurojob and Covebo expect to become even better employers for their temporary workers as a result.

Ronald van Adrichem, who continues as CEO of Eurojob following the acquisition, says: “We look forward to this new setting, in which we can combine our independence with greatly increased effectiveness now that we form part of the Happy Rebels of House of HR, a concept that appeals to us very much”.

Eurojob’s addition to Covebo Group means the temporary employment group’s third acquisition in three years, after Effect Personeelsdiensten in 2017 and VNOM Bemiddelaar in Techniek in 2018. These entities specialise in the construction and technology sectors. With Eurojob, Covebo is bringing on board a strong presence and major expertise in the logistics and retail sectors. Eurojob, founded in the year 2000, has doubled in size in the past years through measures including the introduction of innovative solutions in retailing. Its expected turnover this year is 44 million euros, taking Covebo Group’s combined turnover to around 350 million euros. 



Note for journalists:

If you have any questions about the takeover, contact CEO Henk Buitink on +31 (0)6 51 566 344 or at buitink@covebo.nl. Or CEO Ronald van Adrichem on +31 (0)6 15 027 942  or at rvanadrichem@eurojob.nl.

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Covebo Group is a division of House of HR.