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EINDHOVEN – 21 December 2018
Continu, one of the companies under the House of HR umbrella, is to take over the Dutch company Hartd. With this move, Continu will strengthen its position in the Netherlands in the mechanical engineering, metals, and the electrical and installation engineering sectors. 

A heart for technical specialists

Continu, whose head office is registered in Eindhoven, has a network of 14 branches in the Netherlands. "Hartd's core business complements Continu's existing portfolio of specialist services perfectly. Continu is active as an intermediary in construction and industry and enables specialists to find work in construction, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical and installation engineering.  We offer a range of high-quality services. Every year we fill more than 1500 positions successfully," says Seth Winterscheidt, CEO of Continu.

Continu, which joined House of HR in 2015, focuses on the search for specialists in construction, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical & installation engineering. It opened its first office in Belgium in Belgium in 2016. Germany will follow this year. To strengthen its position further in the Dutch market, Continu is now taking over Hartd.  Hardt offers talents the assurance of a permanent position combined with varied work in the niches of mechanical engineering, metals and electrical and installation engineering.

The right man in the right place

In recent years, Hartd has built a sound reputation as a niche specialist in mechanical and electrical engineering. “The right man in the right place, that’s absolutely part of our DNA”, explains owner Wouter Gudde. “We are committed to everyone who works for Hartd. We’ve been able to chalk up nice growth by offering talents opportunities to develop and to find the job where they can express their passion. Our values and our philosophy are also reflected in the image that Continu projects. We are therefore convinced that joining Continu can mean a substantial value added for our workers in being able to focus even more on personal development and happiness in the workplace, so that our clients will also reap the maximum of benefit from it. We are sure that our merger is the perfect match.“

Strengthening presence in the Netherlands

With this acquisition by its subsidiary Continu, House of HR is once more expanding its presence in the Netherlands. “Our approach to the niche markets is completely in line with Hartd's positioning. By including this niche specialist in our group, we are further strengthening our presence in the Netherlands. And House of HR offers Hartd’s entrepreneurs a strong edge in achieving growth," explains Rike Coppens, CEO of House of HR.

About Continu

Continu plays a leading role in placing contractors in the construction, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and installation technology sectors. Through its 200 in-house staff, divided between 14 offices (13 in the Netherlands and one in Genk, Belgium), Continu provides 1600 people with work every day. In 2017, Continu achieved a consolidated turnover of EUR 62 million. Continu announced its acquisition of MTénV in June 2018. With these takeovers and its own organic growth, Continu is set to exceed the EUR 100 million mark in 2018.

About Hartd

By devoting itself to quality and safety and focusing strongly on development opportunities, Hardt has built a leading position in the mechanical engineering, metals, electrical engineering and installation engineering. Hardt provides around a hundred technical specialists with work in these fields every day. In 2017, Hardt achieved a good EUR 5 million in consolidated turnover.  

About House of HR

House of HR is active in HR services. Its 9 operating companies have a total of more than 500 offices, spread over 10 countries. In 2017 it achieved a consolidated turnover of EUR 1.4 billion. Accent and Continu are active in specialist staffing, TimePartner and Zaquensis in general staffing and Abylsen, Continu, Redmore, Tec and Vialegis provide services in the fields of engineering and consulting. 

For more information, please contact

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