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Talk to a chatbot and find a suitable job

Accent Jobs, a member of House of HR, is launching ‘Hi Accent’, a chatbot developed for Google Home which will help you look for a suitable job. With this job robot for Google, Accent will strengthen its position as a leader in the world of digital recruiting.

‘Hi Accent’ is a chatbot – a digital robot – for Google Home. You talk to it in just the same way as you would to a real, human recruiter. After answering a few questions from ‘Hi Accent’, you receive a dozen job offers. You can ask for these to be read aloud, or sent to your smartphone to examine later at your leisure.

Many advantages

‘A chatbot of this kind offers many, many advantages,’ says Lieven Van Nieuwenhuyze, group CMO of House of HR, Accent Jobs’ holding company. ‘The interaction is especially intuitive. The chatbot asks you a few questions, then presents you with a selection of suitable jobs on the basis of the underlying algorithm’.

But ‘Hi Accent’ also offers advantages to people with impaired motor skills or vision. Van Nieuwenhuyze says: ‘We are going to focus more specifically on these target groups in any case, in the context of ‘Jobroad’, our social project’.

By launching ‘Hi Accent’, Accent Jobs is responding to the voice technology which is taking hold so quickly. Young people often talk to voice assistants such as Siri these days. Van Nieuwenhuyze gives an example: ‘In the near future, it will be perfectly normal to ask ‘Hi Accent’ what jobs are available for freelance Java developers while you're at your coffee-maker in the morning’.

Accent jobs opted for Google Home, the speaker-voice assistant by Google which was launched in Belgium end May. ‘It stands to reason,’ says Wilbert Ingels, group CIO of House of HR. ‘As an innovative HR company, we have a firm belief in Google Home’s potential in our country. The system already supports Dutch, and the speakers are rapidly gaining in popularity. This demonstrates that there’s clear support for an app like ‘Hi Accent’. Google Home was only launched in Belgium last week, but we’ve been working on it here for quite a while. As a result, we’re the first HR player in a position to test this new technology. We consider it important to maintain our pioneering role in digital. Because the technology is new, we see our app as a validation of the underlying Google voice technology. That gives us an immediate technology lead over our competitors’.

Digital lead

House of HR has a passionate belief in the value added of digital recruiting. For example, it recently acquired a stake in Happy Recruiter, the Romanian company that developed Dora, the robot that conducts recruitment interviews fully automatically on Facebook. For House of HR, launching ‘Hi Accent’ is a logical next step in the same direction towards digital recruitment. Rika Coppens, CEO of House of HR, says: ‘Accent Jobs has always been a leader in the area of digital recruitment. NOWJOBS and SWOP, as particularly successful apps, are good examples of that. We are convinced that such apps will change the recruitment sector dramatically. That's why we’re developing new apps ourselves in Flanders rather than waiting for foreign initiatives’.

Live demos at the e-recruitment congress in Ghent on 7 June

Would you like to see a demonstration of ‘Hi Accent’? Or interview the developers? You can do it on Friday, 7 June at the E-recruitment Congress in Ghent. E-mail us your contact details and we’ll make sure you receive press accreditation.

More info:

Lieven Van Nieuwenhuyze, CMO House of HR: +32 473 65 76 51, lieven [at]

Aart De Zitter, managing partner BeSpoken, PR-partner House of HR, +32 478 92 09 72, aart [at]

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