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Strong expansion in engineering and construction - that is the course Covebo Group decided to take. And they've been successful, thanks to the acquisition of the technical employment agency VNOM. With the takeover of VNOM, Covebo Group currently has over 2,500 professionals working on construction and engineering contracts.

Last year, Covebo Group took over Effect Personnelsdiensten in Oldenzaal. Henk Buitink, CEO of Covebo Group: “We provide agency workers in the production, logistics, construction and technical sectors. Three years ago, we set a course to expand our construction and engineering activities considerably. This year, the takeover of the technical employment agency VNOM has strengthened Covebo Group's position as an agency in the construction and engineering sectors."

VNOM Takeover
Skills shortages in the labour market are a huge challenge for employers and recruitment agencies. That is why Covebo Group, which is part of the international House of HR, is finding work for professionals not only from the Netherlands, but also from Spain, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Lithuania. If necessary, plumbers, electricians, bricklayers and metal stud installers are tested and trained at the Covebo Technical School, to ensure they meet our clients' standards.
Despite its international expansion, Covebo Group still wants to consolidate its position in the domestic market. When the opportunity arose to take over VNOM, Buitink didn't need to think twice. "VNOM is a fast-growing club with exactly the same specialisms as Covebo. VNOM is also focused on the construction and engineering sectors, and is able to find good Dutch tradespeople despite the continuing labour shortage," says Buitink. "The main reason is VNOM's pioneering online recruitment strategy. That specialist know-how is a significant advantage for the Covebo Group as a whole. Another important incentive for this takeover is to increase the proportion of Dutch agency workers within Covebo Group.
Almost 7,000 agency workers are employed via Covebo every day, and over 2,700 of them are Dutch. Finally, Rotterdam is a fast-growing region where, as Covebo Group, we were only operating on a limited scale. In other words, there were plenty of reasons to take this step forward."

VNOM, agency for skilled professionals
VNOM based in Rotterdam is a fast-growing player in the construction and engineering sectors. The company was founded in 2009. Shortly afterwards, Jos Tunderman came on board as joint shareholder. From then on, VNOM expanded very fast, even during the recession. Jos Tunderman, CEO of VNOM: "We seize our opportunities, but basically it is all down to very hard work." Jos became the sole shareholder in 2014. Now, the agency, which has an expected annual turnover of €25 million for 2018 and 36 in-house employees, has 550 temporary employees working on contracts each day. VNOM has put its faith in online recruitment, and that is paying off. Despite today's tight labour market, VNOM has managed to grow about 60% compared to last year.

Perfect match
The match between Covebo Group and VNOM goes beyond the similarity in their specialist fields. Buitink says: "VNOM can make immediate use of the international recruitment network that we already have and of our training options for apprentices and professionals. Moreover, the Covebo Group's regional branches are assisted on various levels by the Support Centre. For example, on a financial level and with marketing activities, but also regarding legislation and regulation. VNOM can also use this support to continue its strong growth."

Bright future
VNOM and Covebo Group see a bright future together. Together, they are active in very promising sectors with a lot of potential for growth. They are working towards a strong growth scenario, in which VNOM aims to expand its branch network. This optimum growth will be facilitated by the support they receive from the Covebo Support Center.

If you have any questions about the takeover, contact CEO Henk Buitink (on the right in the photo) on +31 (0)6 51 566 344 or by e-mail to buitink [at] Or contact CEO Jos Tunderman (on the left in the photo) on +31 (0)6 20 656 740 of jos [at]