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Diegem, 4 July 2018 – Vialegis, which has been a part of the House of HR since 2017, announced the final agreement concerning the takeover of Schollmeyer & Steidl GmBH. Schollmeyer & Steidl GmBH is the reference company in Germany for the recruitment of lawyers and tax experts. The takeover came into effect on 27 June 2018. With this, Vialegis, the Belgian market leader that works in this domain and has offices in Spain and Luxembourg, has realised another part of its strong international growth ambitions.


"The Belgian market definitely still has potential for growth, but on a European level we also want to be a major player in the legal staffing sector," says Philippe Jadoul, founder and CEO of Vialegis. "Since joining House of HR we have been able to achieve our ambitions faster. The takeover of Schollmeyer and Steidl is an important step. We are also gaining offices in Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich from which we will be able to serve the entire German market. The client portfolio consists of law firms and businesses.  Considering the synergies with Vialegis' activities we will work very intensively with S&S on both gaining clients and looking for candidates."

 The three managers of S&S - Daniel Schollmeyer, Ina Steidl and Barbara von Rohr - are staying on board as the management and minority shareholder.  "This is a tradition in House of HR, which guarantees the 'entrepreneurial spirit' is maintained following a takeover. We are a house of entrepreneurs who are able to grow much faster together than they could alone," says Rika Coppens, CEO of House of HR.  "The takeover of S&S by Vialegis is a great addition to our portfolio of strong specialist brands in the staffing sector and it fits our European growth strategy perfectly."

About Schollmeyer & Steidl

S&S is the reference company in the recruitment of lawyers and tax experts for the entire German market. The company was founded in 2005, employs 15 people and has offices in Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich. All of the company's consultants are lawyers ('for lawyers, by lawyers').

About Vialegis

Vialegis is the Belgian market leader in the recruitment and selection of lawyers and for legal interim management. In 2017, the company achieved a turnover of €11 million and has 25 staff shared across 4 offices. Vialegis has branches in Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. The recent takeover of Schollmeyer & Steidl adds a further 3 offices and 15 staff in Germany.

About House of HR

 House of HR is active in HR services and focuses on 3 domains:  general staffing, specialist staffing and engineering & consultancy.  The group has 14 brands and is active in 10 European countries with over 500 offices. In 2017, it achieved a consolidated turnover of €1.4 billion. Thanks to its strong organic growth and the assertive acquisition policy, it is the fastest-growing HR group in Europe.

Zaquensis and Timepartner are active in general staffing, Accent and Covebo in specialist staffing and Continu, Abylsen, TEC, Logi-Technic, Areo, IBB and Redmore in engineering and consulting. Vialegis specialises in the recruitment of legal, tax and compliance profiles.