Roeselare, Belgium
June 10, 2021

House of HR launches free ‘SWOP Recruiter’


App helps SMEs to design, track and monitor job vacancies

House of HR, the European group of HR service companies, launches ‘SWOP Recruiter’. This is a free digital platform that assists Belgian SMEs with the day-to-day management of their vacancies. The application is linked to SWOP, the largest Belgian app that helps job seekers swipe their way to a new permanent job.

In 2016, House of HR launched SWOP: an app that enables people to swipe for a job on their smartphone. This app has been collecting all the online vacancies available in Belgium since 2020, making it one of the largest job apps in the country. Candidates can search and apply for a job intuitively, with the guarantee that they will be contacted by a SWOP employee within 48 hours to follow up on their application. SWOP is currently offering just over 35,000 unfilled vacancies in Belgium. In one year, the app processed more than 85,000 applications. The combined digital and physical approach (‘phygital’) makes SWOP absolutely unique. The app also offers candidates the opportunity to get to know themselves better through free tests: the ‘Who am I’ test (personality test) and the ‘What do I want’ (company culture) test. They can also create their CV in the app and send their test results directly to potential employers.

SWOP is now joined by SWOP Recruiter. This is a desktop app where employers can manage their vacancies that are published on SWOP free of charge. They can add their own logo, customise the text and colour, and even write and upload new vacancies, view downloaded CVs and launch a ‘chat’ with candidates. The basic functionalities of SWOP Recruiter are free: all a company needs to do to start using the free functionalities straightaway is to register on the SWOP Recruiter platform. These guaranteed free functionalities set SWOP Recruiter apart from a number of other apps that initially pick up vacancies for free, only to then turn them into a paid service. SMEs that want more can ask the SWOP team for additional support at great value for money. They can arrange for the SWOP team to pre-screen candidates or to create a ‘company culture test’ (‘My Talents’) for them.

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SWOP uses smart software that automatically searches for vacancies on the internet and bundles them into one app. Technologies like this are gaining increasing acceptance in the HR world. Companies that prefer not to be part of this can opt out of this service at any time. However, in our experience companies soon recognise the benefit of SWOP: a tremendous reach for their vacancies without any effort on their part and, on top of that, the service is free. And now that SWOP Recruiter exists, they can take steps themselves to make their vacancies even more visible and appealing. They also receive the guarantee that their candidates will be contacted by a SWOP consultant. This is important because many candidates find it very frustrating that they receive little or even no feedback on their applications. With the SWOP team, companies benefit from professional recruiting services at very attractive rates without having to hire employees themselves for this role. SWOP Recruiter will initially be aimed at the Belgian SME market. Rika Coppens, CEO of House of HR, says: ‘SMEs are often too small to install expensive ‘applicant tracking systems’ (ATS), but they do want their vacancies to look professional and to deliver the right candidates quickly, cheaply and efficiently. That is exactly what SWOP Recruiter does. At the same time, all CVs can be kept in one central location and the company can see where a candidate is in the recruitment process. Recruiting is our core business, and we’re good at it. Our ambition with SWOP and SWOP Recruiter is to provide the most comprehensive and highest-quality job app in Belgium.’ In the near future, House of HR is aiming to roll out SWOP and SWOP Recruiter to other European countries where it operates, starting with the Netherlands and Germany.

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About House of HR
House of HR is a leading services group active in the world of HR. Headquartered in Roeselare, the group consists of nine companies that together represent 41 brands, all focusing on ‘Specialised Talent Solutions’ and ‘Engineering & Consulting’. ‘Specialised Talent Solutions’ provides temporary workers with an emphasis on ‘temp to perm’, international recruitment and permanent placements for clients in need of people with specific profiles. Companies involved in ‘Engineering & Consulting’ recruit medium to highly skilled candidates such as engineers, technicians and other consultants to work on projects at clients in a wide range of market segments.

In 2020, House of HR realised a turnover of €1.6 billion and EBITDA of €179 million. The group provides work to over 43,000 people and has 3,400 employees spread over more than 600 offices in Europe. These offices serve small, medium-sized and large clients. House of HR is a talent powerhouse with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, digitisation and innovation, but always with a distinctive human touch.

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