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Accent Covebo Group, one of House of HR’s partners, has taken over the Dutch company Effect Personeelsdiensten, which specialises in recruiting skilled workers. This takeover allows the group to reinforce its position in the construction and engineering sector, where new talent—even from outside of the Netherlands—is currently highly sought-after as a result of the expanding economy.

Shared values    

Accent Covebo is based in Nijkerk and offers flexible recruitment solutions to job seekers and candidates in the construction, engineering, logistics, and food industries. No fewer than 1,400 businesses and 13,800 candidates used Accent Covebo’s services in 2016. The company, which has been part of House of HR since 2015 and witnessed a 21% increase in turnover in 2016, specialises in finding employees to work on complex projects that require a high degree of flexibility. For example, the group is able to provide employees for flexible, ad-hoc tasks, such as drawing up the inventories of businesses that operate on a strictly seasonal basis. Accent Covebo also sets itself apart through the network it has been able to build via its branches in Poland and Spain, which enables the company to attract the best workers from across Europe and give those foreign workers the opportunity to rapidly integrate into the Netherlands. To reinforce its position in the construction and engineering sectors in the Netherlands, Accent Covebo has now taken over Effect Personeelsdiensten, a business that shares a strong commitment to the same values.

Recruitment agency for skilled and experienced workers

Effect Personeelsdiensten was founded in 2009 by Dennis Ikink and Rick Scholten. Since then, the company has grown into a strong regional player that provides jobs in construction and engineering for approximately 350 skilled Dutch workers every day. A compact team of ten internal staff oversees Effect’s operations from its location in Oldenzaal. Just like Accent Covebo, Effect attaches great importance to entrepreneurship in its day-to-day business. Dennis Ikink and Rick Scholten, Effect’s founders, will remain in their current management roles and will work together with Accent Covebo to achieve their ambition of further growth and professionalisation.


“With its professional approach towards both companies and candidates, Effect has been able to realise strong growth and profitability. These successes are based on long-term relationships with clients and employees. Following its integration into Accent Covebo, Effect will gain direct access to our international recruitment network and the services of our support centre. This takeover means we are another step closer to realising our ambition of providing jobs for 2,500 employees per day in construction and engineering by 2021.”
Henk Buitink CEO Accent Covebo