Vialegis is the market leader in recruitment services for temporary and permanent legal and paralegal functions. It does so by using its inhouse team of legally skilled recruiters. Vialegis is focusing on legal, tax and paralegal functions, and any other function where a legal or paralegal training is required. Vialegis is active in Belgium and Luxembourg and a PowerHouse of House of HR since 2017. They have 2 Boutiques: Iterlegis, active in Spain and Schollmeyer&Steidl, active In Germany.

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Companies in need for legal and/or paralegal expertise, need not look further: Vialegis is the best partner you can imagine. The company, with headquarters in Brussels, has offices in Luxemburg, Germany and Spain, resulting in a staff of some 35 highly skilled lawyers and legal counsels.

This vast experience is put at the disposal of companies who need either temporary or permanent legal profiles. It is specialized in the sourcing of public lawyers, company lawyers, tax experts, compliance officers, notarial lawyers, paralegal functions and others profiles where a degree in law or law practice is required.

Vialegis is both offering search & selecting and doing secondment of legal profiles. The strength of Vialegis is obvious: ‘for and by law specialists’. It offers a high quality service and a professional approach. Its team of experts have a deep knowledge of the market and meanwhile are very result-oriented, with a focus on out-of-the-box thinking.

When it comes to filling temporary vacancies, Vialegis has a long history of pioneering in legal interim management. In the current economic climate, the demand for lawyers is steadily increasing. Moreover, business life is increasingly more legally oriented: this has resulted in a steady growth of Vialegis, year after year, both in terms of interim management and permanent staffing.

Guiding principles are: first-mover, persistent quality, market knowledge and confidentiality.