Dutch Covebo is a specialized secondment company placing blue collar profiles in the construction, technical, industry, care and logistics sector. Covebo is active in the Netherlands, as well as in Belgium, Poland, Spain, Romania, Hungary and Lithuania. Throughout these countries, Covebo places + 9.000 specialized workers.

Covebo is a Dutch PowerHouse, part of House of HR since 2015

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Covebo has its roots back in 2001, the year it started on the international recruitment market. Since then, Covebo has become the Dutch specialist in worker’s profiles in construction, technical, industry, care and logistics. Yet in its approach, Covebo is different from many of its competitors. What gives Covebo its own color? It certainly is its entrepreneurship and self-management of its employees. This makes Covebo faster, better and more reliable, and full of commitment towards both the companies and the candidates.

Covebo has a diversified portfolio of services: temporary employment, search & selection, secondment. ‘Gewoon goed geregeld’ is its tagline: just well done. This holds for the company, the candidate as well as for the larger community of stakeholders. When it comes to international labor force, Covebo is also taking care of housing, transport, insurance and social inclusion. Acting in a human, compassionate way is part of Covebo’s moral DNA.

Covebo is full of ambition: it is searching for solutions on a local and international level. It has a differentiating culture: due to its decentralized nature (with its headquarters close to Amersfoort), its recruiters have a large degree of independence: this self-steering approach leads to a high level of self-motivation. This, in turn, is at the benefit for both companies and candidates.

Covebo’s culture is fostered by the vision that the current labor market needs flexible, tailor-made solutions more than ever. Yet, labor is always about people, in need for personalized service.

Special attention is paid to international labor forces, mainly from Poland, Spain, Romania, Lithuania and Hungary. All international labor forces are tested in Covebo’s internal test- and training center (training elements like languages and social skills). This allows a smooth entrance on the Dutch labor market.